McDonnel Douglas F-4EJ Phantom II
The 301st Tactical Fighter Squadron of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force
at Hyakuri AFB (in early 70s, currently deployed at Nyutabaru AFB in Kushu island)
(Fujimi 1/48)

by Akio Hasegawa, M.D.

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All pictures here are shot by me, a seasoned-pathologist, with digital SLR Nikon D3000 Serial #2001042 with old Nikkor-S 35mm 1:2.8 Serial #380104, i.e., manual focus/manual exposure)

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Since I made this Japanese Phantom circa 40 years ago, it left untouched in my study. Lately I polished canopy glass and re-sprayed semi-matte clear, with weathering paint (panel line accent). Mitsubishi built 138 F-4s under license in Japan.

301 Squadron of the 7th Fighter Group at Hyakuri AFB in Ibaragi Prefecture (Crick to enlarge).

301 Squadron: Anterior view (Crick to enlarge).

An internally mounted 20 mm (.79 in) M61 Vulcan Gatling cannon is installed in the nose since F-4E(J), after real combat lesson in Vietnam. Four AIM-7 Sparrow are under inner wing pylon and fuselage, for air defense of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

301 Squadron: Anterior upper view (Crick to enlarge).

301 Squadron: Posterior view with unique frog emblem on the vertical tailplane (Crick to enlarge).

Hyakuri AFB is located in Tsukuba area where Japanese toad, Bufo japonicus, ranges, whose oil is historically traditional medicine in Japan.

301 Squadron: Head-on view (Crick to enlarge).

301 Squadron: Superior surface (Crick to enlarge).

301 Squadron: Close-up view of the cockpit (Crick to enlarge).

I polished glass part of the canopy with Tamiya ultra-fine compound this time.

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