Messerschmitt Bf-109G6 - 8th Staffel, JG 5 "Eismeer" -
(Revell 1/32)

by Akio Hasegawa, M.D.

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All pictures here are shot by me, a seasoned-pathologist, with digital SLR Nikon D3000 Serial #2001042 with old Nikkor-S 35mm 1:2.8 Serial #380104, i.e., manual focus/manual exposure)

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Since I made this Gustav model circa 30-40 years ago, which was actually one of the first generation 1/32 aircraft scale models and spotlighted back in those days, it left untouched in my late father Tatsuo's study. Lately I added re-spray of underside gray (undersurface of WW2 German) and weathering paint (panel line accent and flat clear spray).

According to the old Profile Publication's page (scanned), this is from 8th Staffel, JG 5 "Eismeer", stationed in Finland, circa in Spring 1943. (Crick to enlarge).

"Anterior view" (Crick to enlarge).

"Side view" (Crick to enlarge).

"Upper view" (Crick to enlarge).

"Undersurface view" (Crick to enlarge).

"Close-up view of DB605 engine" (Crick to enlarge).

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