**** Photoalbum (Friendship/Diplomacy) ****

Texas Pathologists informally meet the Japanese counterparts (Reunion)
(Photograph by courtesy of Dr. Sharkey)

College of American Pathologists (CAP) members, who were on business trip to Japan, met the Japanese pathologists ad libitum in Tokyo in October 1999. Actually, all of us have been subscribing to the mailing list Patho-L and been acquaintance at least in the cyberspace each other. This time, Cyberfriends make Real Friends. Clockwise from top left: Leland B. Baskin, MD, Associate Medical Director of Carter Bloodcare, Susan M. Strate, MD, President of Texoma Total Care, Francis E. Sharkey, MD, Professor, Director of Surgical Pathology at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, I and Haruhiko Sugimura, MD, Professor of Pathology at Hamamatsu Medical School.

(Excuse me for my sitting on the front line, while the visitors Frank and others standing on the back line: When I instructed the waiter how to shoot the shutter of the camera and returned to the line, others had already occupied the position leisurely, so I insisted, of course, you Americans to sit the chairs, they responded, "No, no, no,,," Time being consumed, no negotiation settled, so I finally, say, 20 seconds later, gave in. I hope you understand this difficult circumstance. This is one reason why Haruhiko and I look somewhat bleak).

Frank is making an interesting comment on this photo afterward;
"Each time my colleagues and I return from a trip in Japan, we have remarked about one very interesting features of our photos, ie, the Americans are always smiling, and the Japanese are not. This has been a constant of our experience, and some day I'd like to explore this interesting cultural difference.
PS: I hope that my comment regarding facial expressions is not interpreted as being critical in any way. Cultural differences interest me, and this is a fairly striking one".
Hmmm, this certainly reveals one of our deficiencies in public relations training. We will be smiling the next time, saying CHEESE. :)

Japanese and Indian pathologists' informal conversation
(Nikon Coolpix 2100)

I touched down in Delhi Airport in the afternoon of September 20th 2004, after the flight to Delhi from NRT (AI301) delayed over 24 hours. However, I could meet Dr. Arpan Gandhi who associates with Dr. Lal Pathlabs, the largest private practice pathology lab in India with 15 pathologists and 260 lab techs, in the evening of the arrival, and dined together with my wife at Taj Palace Hotel. We talked frankly on pathology practices, health insurance systems, prevalent diseases, work load, etc, in each country. This is a small step but giant leap for our mutual understanding, I believe. From left to right: I, Dr. Arpan Gandhi, my wife Mineko, her friend Farah from Kashmir.

C'est La Vie in Saipan
(Pentax Optio E40 on a tripod)

I re-visited Saipan-Tinian in August 2008 once again since a previous one in 1997. This time I coud meet the friends there whom I got acquainted through internet communication. From left to right: my wife Mineko; my 2nd daughter and novice ENT doc Naoko; I; Alan J. Barak, a gentleman and deputy attorney general of the CNMI, who is a former law professor at the local college of the lower 48 states; Stephanie Hart-Gouleau, a French-trained M.D., board-certified for family practice. This is a memorial photograph of a warm reception given at Alan's villa near the summit of Mt.Tapochau. After a while, Raphael Loutoby, MD, nephrologist, joined there. Please visit Saipan-Tinian Travelogue 2008.

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