JGSDF Fire Power 2010 in Fuji
**** Fire Power Tactical Exercise 2010 in Fuji ****
(Japan Ground Self-Defense Force)

"Sharp disengagement maneuver from the combat area by CH-47J" (for enlargement see below)

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East Fuji Exercise Field on August 28 2010

Under scorching heat, the number of the visitors (invited guest only on this Saturday - opening to the public on the next day) is reportedly climbing to over 20,000. I shoot with Nikon digital single-lense reflex camera D3000 (serial #2001042), paired with old manual tele lense Nikkor*ED 300 mm 1:4.5 (serial # 226570) and old Nikkor-S 35 mm 1:2.8 (serial #380104), occasionally using monopod, i.e. in manual focus/manual exposure mode with ASA-setting 400, 1/600-800 shutter-speed priority, exposure adjusted ad libitum checking with monitor screen, actually F 4.5-5.6 for 300mm). Sound is recorded with TASCAM DR-07 portable digital recorder.


The overview of the exercise area in panorama (hopefully click twice), Mount Fuji is overcast in the center, and intended targets are arranged in that direction.

People, -1, -2


[Main Battle Tank]

Type-90 Main Battle Tank (MBT): -1 "In wolf pack", -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, Shooting sound of German Rheinmetall 120 mm L/44 gun (512KB mp3 file).

Type-74 Main Battle Tank (MBT): -1, -2, Shooting sound of 105mm British Royal Ordnance L7 gun (1.3MB mp3 file).

[Armored Vehicle and Artillery]

Type-96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier: -1, -2.

Type-89 Armored Assault Vehicle: -1, -2, -3, -4.

Type-87 Reconnaissance Vigilance Vehicle: -1, -2.

Type-96 Wheeled 120mm Mortar Vehicle: -1.

Type-99 Wheeled 105mm Howitzer (FH-70): -1, -2 "Impact!", -3 Mount Fuji-shaped curtain fire.

Wheeled 203mm Mortar Howitzer: -1.

Type-92 Minefield-clearing Vehicle: -1 "Call for fire!", -2 "Fire!", -3, -4 "Impact!".

Type-87 Wheeled Antiaircraft Cannon: -1 (right).


AH-64D Apache: -1 "Check for position".-2 "Fire", and dispersing shells, -3 Withdrawing from the combat zone.

AH-1S: -1.

OH-1: -1, -2, -3.

CH-47J: -1 Approaching the landing area and braking, -2 Deploying the platoon, -3 Deploying the platoon, -4 Prompt retreat, -5 Evaculating the mission crew, -6 Prepairing for evacuation, -7 Steadly aiming the target while being evaculated, -8 Mission accomplished, -9 Heliborne enhancement of compat efficiency, -10 Ditto, heliborne operation, -11 Sharp disengagement maneuver from the combat zone.

UH-1J: -1 Ninja Operation, -2 Placing reconnaissance byke, -3 Pulling out stealthly.

UH-60J Black Hawk: -1 Deployment, -2 ditto, -3 The elite force, -3 Hovering steadly.

The Party Is Over:

People, -1 Waiting tamely for shuttle bus in Japanese style, -2

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